If You Think Writing Is Hard, Read This

by Brian Baker

During my time as a writing tutor and as a writer myself, I’ve come to an uncomfortable realization, as have many of the students I’ve worked with: writing is hard. It’s crazy hard.

The sad part is that many students don’t recognize the source of the difficulty. They mistakenly think that writing is hard because they are incapable. This simply isn’t true. Writing is hard because it’s writing, not because you suck at it.   Continue reading “If You Think Writing Is Hard, Read This”


A Writing Video Game??? Check Out Excelsior’s Updated Online Writing Lab

by Brian Baker

While tried and true resources like Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (or OWL) remain a gold standard for helpful information on writing, a recent update to Excelsior College’s OWL takes a more interactive approach to expand and deepen your writing skills, including an online video game. We’re excited about the possibilities of this new format, so we want to share it with you. Continue reading “A Writing Video Game??? Check Out Excelsior’s Updated Online Writing Lab”


If you are reading this post in May of 2018, you’ve no doubt seen the Jimmy Kimmel video “Can You Name A Book?” in which people can’t name a book.

This got us to thinking…

Not only can we name actual books here in the Writing Center, but we have a few to recommend for your summer reading.  We’ve listed those at the bottom of this article. Continue reading “WHY READING OVER THE SUMMER MATTERS”


The Writing Center in WKU’s Cherry Hall will be open for the entire span of all Summer 2018 sessions.  The hours from May 14 to August 9 are 9am – 2pm.  (We will be closed Monday, Memorial Day, 5/28 and Wednesday, July Fourth, 7/4.)  We will have extended hours from June 4 to June 14 only of 9am – 4:30pm.

The Writing Center offers individual conferences to WKU students about writing with our staff of trained peer tutors. Our services are available to all Western Kentucky University students free of charge. Continue reading “HERE TO HELP: WKU WRITING CENTER OPEN ALL SUMMER”

End of the Semester Coping Skills

By Ashley Gilliam

I have a personal tendency as a pedestrian to walk directly into the pathway of cars. My friends often joke that it will be the literal death of me. I simply lack the fear necessary to keep me out of harm’s way. Stress, like fear, is a necessary part of life to some extent.

Without it, we would never meet our deadlines, but with it we can experience great distress. If we constantly feel as if cars are speeding towards us, it can become hard to prioritize more immediate concerns and react in the appropriate way. Continue reading “End of the Semester Coping Skills”

Making Time for Self-Care in College

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 10.43.59 AMLast week, I was finally pummeled by the realization that we only have four weeks of school and so many assignments to finish within that short time frame. I decided I would tackle as much as possible, jumping in the arena with everything I had to do at once–smacking a paper here, shoving a reading there, stepping on the toes of assorted homework.

In the end, I was collapsed on the floor surrounded by the causes of my stress–and they were barely wounded. Continue reading “Making Time for Self-Care in College”

When Should You Come to the Writing Center?

If you are waiting to come to the writing center until you have a complete draft and a works cited page and a blossoming confidence that the only thing needed is a little sentence-level revision, then you may be coming too late!

Let me back up. Continue reading “When Should You Come to the Writing Center?”