What is the WKU Writing Center?

The Writing Center offers individual conferences about writing with our staff of English graduate students. Our services are available to all Western Kentucky University students free of charge.  We can help writers who need feedback to help refine their writing.  Located physically in Cherry Hall Room 123, we are also available through email at writingcenter@wku.edu and online at www.wku.edu/writingcenter.

Our tutors will talk with you about your writing to help you: brainstorm ideas, clarify main points, strengthen logic and support, integrate and credit sources, smooth out organization, and fine-tune sentence style.  Because we want to help you become a better writer, we won’t edit or proofread your paper for you. Instead, we will help you to learn to revise and edit so you will be able to catch your own errors and improve your content, organization, and style.

So, what is this WKU Writing Center Blog?  It’s a place for students to find tips and tricks about writing–from great how-to-guides on MLA style to grammar and punctuation.  Also, it is a place that will answer the questions that occur most frequently in the Writing Center.  Check back often for news about the WKU English Department!

This post was originally published on November 2, 2011. 


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