What to bring to your Writing Center conference

Below are some helpful suggestions of what students should be prepared to bring to their Writing Center conferences.  These recommendations prove to be beneficial to both the tutor and especially to the student.

  1. Bring a hardcopy of the assignment.

The tutor cannot help you improve your ability to write if they are not able to see how you write. It’s also acceptable to have your assignment on your laptop, but usually tutors prefer hardcopies.

  1. Show your tutor the writing assignment prompt.

This is usually an instructional handout provided by your professor. The handout details what the assignment is and how to go about writing it.  The more information you have on the assignment the better the advice the writing tutor can provide in regards to your essay. If you don’t have a prompt or handout, sometimes the professor will briefly discuss the assignment in your class syllabus or you can even bring in your class notes that refer to the instructor’s discussion on the expected assignment.  Overall, a brief description of the expected assignment allows your conference to run smoother and more efficiently.

  1. Feel free to bring your own notes, outlines, prewritings, or other drafts related to the assignment, as well as your sources.

Discussing your writing process and your sources can inhibit helpful discussions on how you can further develop your content.

Overview of Items:

  • A hardcopy of your written paper
  • Writing Assignment Instructions (Prompt, handout, class syllabus, and class-notes related to the assignment)
  • Your own notes, outlines, pre-writings, previous drafts commented on by the professor, and your sources

Remember the more knowledge that you share with the writing tutor about the writing assignment, the more beneficial the conference will be for you!


This post was originally published on December 9, 2011.


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