Meet the Tutors: Rachel Phelps

By Molly Couch

Do you remember that teacher that was always so enthusiastic about helping you learn? Do you remember that teacher that always had a smile on their face? Do you remember that teacher that made class bearable or, heaven forbid, even fun? Because one of our new undergraduate tutors at the Writing Center, Rachel Phelps, is going to be that teacher.

Majoring in English for secondary teaching with a musical theater minor, Rachel is super excited about studying and teaching English. She says that she “decided to be an English major because it’s always been [her] favorite subject, and [she] honestly could never imagine studying anything that isn’t English.” She wants to teach either 10th or 11th grade English and eventually AP Language & Composition or AP Literature. She’s also hoping that her musical theater minor will open the door to direct a high school theater department. Rachel hopes that her time in the Writing Center will allow her to help others become better writers and prepare to be the best teacher that she can be.

Rachel specializes in MLA and persuasive essays; she does it all, but particularly enjoys seeing new topics and new arguments to consider. It’s a great day when both the tutor and the student learn something new! One of her favorite parts of working as a Writing Center tutor is watching students recognize necessary corrections before she even points them out. She jokes, “I guess that’s the Nerdy Future Teacher in me.”

Rachel also ventures out beyond the classroom to participate in a bunch of lovely organizations. She’s a member of the Honors College, the Delta Zeta Sorority, the Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society, Cru, Amnesty International, and the Living Hope Baptist Church. What a beautiful, versatile butterfly! And fun fact: her eyes are two different colors! She may in fact be a mysterious mythical creature, but you can meet her if you venture over to Cherry 123!

Rachel Phelps


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