A Post a Day….

The WKU Writing Center is back and we’re anxious to get started!  We want to get you writing and thinking about writing so every day of the week, we will be posting different writing prompts and quotes.  On our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, we will be posting these daily quotes and prompts meant to get you thinking critically.  Each day has a specific theme and will be featured with an image.  Be sure to follow us so you can write and think right along with us!  Continue reading “A Post a Day….”


Welcome back, WKU!

Welcome back, students and faculty alike! The WKU Writing Center is revamping our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow us, like us, visit us!!
There’s lots of new stuff coming up from us (Monday Motivation, Typewriter Tuesday, Write Something Wednesday, Thursday Thought, and Free Write Friday…more info coming on these). Don’t be left out!!! Check out our pages and write along with us!

As always, the WKU Writing Center is located in Cherry Hall 123. We’re open Monday thru Thursday from 9-4 and Friday from 9-3. Need help with that essay? Want to work on that paper? Come by and see us. Our tutors are always looking to help!

Happy August,

The WKU Writing Center