Academic writing blogs you should be following

Improving your academic writing skills doesn’t have to involve musty textbooks, terse grammar tomes, or innumerable style guides. As a student writer, you have a lot of resources available to you to help improve your academic writing; one of those resources are blogs, and there are plenty of blogs on academic writing. Here are some of our favorites:

Explorations of Style:

This blog has great, in-depth blog articles on all things academic writing, from the technical (“Transitions“) to the practical (“Can You Have Too Much Writing Time?“) to the existential (“Yes, you are a writer!”). There are posts on key writing principles and key writing strategies, plus, the author, Rachael Cayley, also lists the sources she uses.


Pat Thomson’s blog patter has a wealth of information on academic writing, from dissertations to conference papers to finding the angle for your research paper. It also has interesting posts on academic writing-related topics, like the phenomenon of the academic “poison pen.”

Scientific Academic Writing:

This blog focuses specifically on science writing, which many students struggle with, but it also has applications for other forms of academic writing. While many of the posts are scientific academic writing-specific, there are also posts on general academic writing topics, such as how to improve your writing by reading, or why academic writing is so stilted and stuffy.

James Hayton, PhD:

While this blog is specifically geared toward PhD students, it has great information on academic writing general. Some of our favorites include “Metaphor and Analogy in Academic Writing” and “What goes in the Introduction, what goes in the Conclusion?

The WKU Writing Center blog:

Our blog is full of information about academic writing and we post every Tuesday and Thursday!

If you have questions about grammar and would like to learn how to identify the patterns of grammatical error in your writing, the Writing Center can help! Visit the Writing Center today or set up an appointment online. We’re open from 9 AM to 4 PM in 123 Cherry Hall and 4 PM to 9 PM in the Academic Commons in Cravens, Monday through Thursday (9 AM to 3 PM in 123 Cherry Hall on Fridays).

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