Meet the Tutors: Lydia & Rachel

Lydia Anvar

Lydia Anvar, a senior professional writing major, hails from Louisville, Kentucky–a city full of coffee shops, street art, and all the cheap Mexican food you can get your hands on. Although she’s only been working at the writing center for half a semester, she loves being able to encourage students who lack self-confidence in their writing. She also enjoys getting to learn new things when students bring her papers on topics that she isn’t familiar with. Thanks to her professional writing concentration, she’s well-versed in professional genres like memos, reports, and resumes as well as MLA style. Lydia hopes to get her Master’s in Education from the University of Kentucky to teach high school English; she believe that literature has the power to change the way that we see the world and ourselves–and she want to pass that on to others! When she’s not writing papers or working, she’s watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix or catching a cheap concert in Nashville with her friends.

Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps has tutored in the Writing Center since August 2015. Like many of the tutors you’ll visit here, Rachel is a senior at WKU studying literature; unlike many, however, Rachel has a unique feature–her eyes are two different colors. This often becomes an interesting topic when Rachel realizes students are gazing into her eyes with perplexed expressions.

Along with literature, Rachel is studying professional writing and hopes to attend the University of Kentucky next year to get her Master’s with Initial Certification in Secondary English Education and become a high school English teacher. Rachel is a natural teacher and especially loves helping students brainstorm ideas for papers. Her expertise includes–but is not limited to–MLA format, science writing, and writing for education and literature classes.

When not tutoring or doing homework, Rachel is involved in her sorority, Delta Zeta, writes for the Talisman, and volunteers with the high school ministry at Living Hope Baptist Church.

Interested in setting up an appointment with Lydia or Rachel? Visit the Writing Center today or set up an appointment online. We’re open from 9 AM to 4 PM in 123 Cherry Hall and 4 PM to 9 PM in the Academic Commons in Cravens, Monday through Thursday (9 AM to 3 PM in 123 Cherry Hall on Fridays).


Meet the Tutors: Emily D. & Marcee

Emily Diehl

Emily Diehl grew up outside of Nashville on a small farm where she was homeschooled and learned to love gardening, cooking, fiber arts, and the environment. While studying English and Creative Writing at Trevecca Nazarene University, Emily also took classes on Environmental Justice and volunteered on the campus farm.

Emily is a first year MFA student with a focus on fiction. Though she tutored during her undergrad, this is her first semester tutoring in the WKU Writing Center. She enjoys encouraging students and giving them room to process their thoughts in a safe, judgement-free environment. Her desire is to help students articulate their ideas—both creatively and coherently—and enjoy the process of writing. She is versed in both MLA and APA and has helped many students with dissertations as well as online appointments.

Her favorite authors include Wendell Berry, Jhumpa Lahiri, Marilynne Robinson, C.S. Lewis, and Victor Hugo.

She dreams of owning a small farm where she can homeschool her future children, teach writing to kids from the community, and write novels that do justice to her literary predecessors.

Marcee Wardell

Marcee is a first-year student in the Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program with a concentration in fiction. She began working in the WKU Writing Center this August as part of her graduate assistantship, and has knowledge of MLA and Chicago styles, as well as creative works.  In tutoring, Marcee enjoys seeing students come to epiphanies and realizations about what they’re working on, especially when they’re passionate or excited about what they’re writing.

Marcee hopes to publish fiction and nonfiction as a career, but knows that most professional writers still need day jobs; to that end, she hopes to work as an acquisitions editor after completing her MFA. Marcee originally hails from a small town on the east side of Michigan, and is definitely not acclimated to Bowling Green’s heat and humidity. When she’s not in class, in the Writing Center, or walking up the hill—it’s a long walk—you can find her attending informal workshops, reading a book, or reading at open mic events… maybe even one on Thursday:

Interested in setting up an appointment with Emily or Marcee? Visit the Writing Center today or set up an appointment online. We’re open from 9 AM to 4 PM in 123 Cherry Hall and 4 PM to 9 PM in the Academic Commons in Cravens, Monday through Thursday (9 AM to 3 PM in 123 Cherry Hall on Fridays).

Meet the Tutors: Rachel Phelps

By Molly Couch

Do you remember that teacher that was always so enthusiastic about helping you learn? Do you remember that teacher that always had a smile on their face? Do you remember that teacher that made class bearable or, heaven forbid, even fun? Because one of our new undergraduate tutors at the Writing Center, Rachel Phelps, is going to be that teacher.

Majoring in English for secondary teaching with a musical theater minor, Rachel is super excited about studying and teaching English. She says that she “decided to be an English major because it’s always been [her] favorite subject, and [she] honestly could never imagine studying anything that isn’t English.” She wants to teach either 10th or 11th grade English and eventually AP Language & Composition or AP Literature. She’s also hoping that her musical theater minor will open the door to direct a high school theater department. Rachel hopes that her time in the Writing Center will allow her to help others become better writers and prepare to be the best teacher that she can be.

Rachel specializes in MLA and persuasive essays; she does it all, but particularly enjoys seeing new topics and new arguments to consider. It’s a great day when both the tutor and the student learn something new! One of her favorite parts of working as a Writing Center tutor is watching students recognize necessary corrections before she even points them out. She jokes, “I guess that’s the Nerdy Future Teacher in me.”

Rachel also ventures out beyond the classroom to participate in a bunch of lovely organizations. She’s a member of the Honors College, the Delta Zeta Sorority, the Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society, Cru, Amnesty International, and the Living Hope Baptist Church. What a beautiful, versatile butterfly! And fun fact: her eyes are two different colors! She may in fact be a mysterious mythical creature, but you can meet her if you venture over to Cherry 123!

Rachel Phelps

The Writing Center’s Halloween Party and Open House

by Abby Ponder

Happy (belated) Halloween and Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, folks!

It is officially November now, and that means we’re beginning to enter the season of final research papers and looming projects. But it’s still early November, so don’t sweat just yet. (Though maybe start looking at those assignments now instead of later…)

However, before we move full-force into November, let’s first take a look back on our final days of October. Or, more aptly put, Halloween!

As you all might’ve known, the WKU Writing Center hosted its first Costume Contest and Open House on Halloween this year. The festivities were open to all who were interested in attending, and we had an excellent turnout!

This photo and all the ones following it are courtesy of Jacky Killian.
Our costume contest included a variety of fantastic costumes that ranged from the elusive Carmen San Diego to a dead priest. The sky was the limit for these party-goers!
Callie Compton as Carmen San Diego, here to bring your childhood front and center.
Zach Puckett as Roxas from Kingdom Hearts.
Lauren Witty as the Ram Zodiac from Fairy Tail.
Sol Govin as the devil herself!
Sasha Hardin as Misa from Death Note.
Travis Lewis as a dead priest.
Chris Nealis as a stop sign, with his trusty dog… who pees on the stop sign.
Our photographer, Jacky Killian, as Link from Legend of Zelda.
Brittany Moster, one of our very own tutors, as the fabulous Hermione Granger.
Marissa Tompkins as our second, but equally fabulous, Hermione Granger.
Dori Norman as the face of the rebellion, Miss Katniss Everdeen.
Brianna Stewart and Andi Nealis (your wonderful coordinator of the day’s festivities) as the in-conquerable Dynamic Duo.

The judging panel was composed of Dr. Jane Fife, Megan Siers, and myself. We definitely had our work cut out for us when it was time to pick our winners! Though we had winners in various categories, first place overall went to Jacky Killian (Link), second place to Callie Compton (Carmen San Diego), and third place to Dori Norman (Katniss Everdeen).

In addition to the costume contest, we also had a Two-Sentence Horror Story contest. First and second place went to Andi Nealis and Brittany Moster respectively!

Overall, the Writing Center’s Costume Contest was an overwhelming success. For more pictures of the festivities, be sure to check out our album on Facebook (and maybe give us a “like” while you’re there)!

Above all else, we hope you all had a wonderful (and safe) Halloween! Feel free to share your own costume designs in the comments section, or tell us what you hope to do next Halloween. (Stopping by the 2015 Costume Contest better be on your agenda, too!)

And, as always, don’t forget that as we move into this admittedly stressful season, the Writing Center is here to help! You can start by scheduling an appointment by clicking here and selecting a time that works well for you. We are also available for drop-in appointments, but those function under a first come, first serve basis.

Happy Writing!

This post was originally published on November 4, 2014.

Meet the Tutors: Geneva

About Me: Hi! I’m Geneva!  This is my first semester as a graduate student at WKU and my first semester tutoring at the Writing Center.  I’m the current keeper of the Writing Center blog, so most of the time you’ll see updates from me.
Hobbies: I love to craft, but I don’t know how to knit!  I also love hiking and rock climbing.
Favorite Book: Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman
RANDOM QUESTION TIME!  Q. What’s your favorite place on WKU’s campus? A. Definitely, the steps at Van Meter.  You can look out over all of Bowling Green from the very top of the hill.
This post was originally published on November 29, 2011.