End of the Semester Coping Skills

By Ashley Gilliam

I have a personal tendency as a pedestrian to walk directly into the pathway of cars. My friends often joke that it will be the literal death of me. I simply lack the fear necessary to keep me out of harm’s way. Stress, like fear, is a necessary part of life to some extent.

Without it, we would never meet our deadlines, but with it we can experience great distress. If we constantly feel as if cars are speeding towards us, it can become hard to prioritize more immediate concerns and react in the appropriate way. Continue reading “End of the Semester Coping Skills”


Making Time for Self-Care in College

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 10.43.59 AMLast week, I was finally pummeled by the realization that we only have four weeks of school and so many assignments to finish within that short time frame. I decided I would tackle as much as possible, jumping in the arena with everything I had to do at once–smacking a paper here, shoving a reading there, stepping on the toes of assorted homework.

In the end, I was collapsed on the floor surrounded by the causes of my stress–and they were barely wounded. Continue reading “Making Time for Self-Care in College”

Doing a final project instead of a final paper? The Writing Center can help!

Students tend to have the perception that the Writing Center is all about papers and essays, because, well, they’re the primary form of writing that we do in the academy. But while we’re here to help you develop and polish your essays, we can also help you with any writing you’re doing for your final, even if it’s not a formal essay. Continue reading “Doing a final project instead of a final paper? The Writing Center can help!”

Getting started at the end

By Abby Ponder

We’re nearing the end of the semester–or, more accurately, we’re barreling towards it at full speed–and it’s at this time of year that the panic sets in. You have a planner in front of you and a to-do list off to the side, but rather than making you feel organized and coherent, it’s just sending those stress levels skyrocketing because there’s so much to do.

That’s fair. Continue reading “Getting started at the end”