A Writing Video Game??? Check Out Excelsior’s Updated Online Writing Lab

by Brian Baker

While tried and true resources like Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (or OWL) remain a gold standard for helpful information on writing, a recent update to Excelsior College’s OWL takes a more interactive approach to expand and deepen your writing skills, including an online video game. We’re excited about the possibilities of this new format, so we want to share it with you. Continue reading “A Writing Video Game??? Check Out Excelsior’s Updated Online Writing Lab”


CMS vs. MLA vs. APA

Citation styles can be confusing; they have so many seemingly arbitrary rules, and there are so many different methods and styles for papers. How do you know which style to use? How are the styles different? Here we break down the three major citation styles used at WKU, and in academic writing in general. Continue reading “CMS vs. MLA vs. APA”

What’s all the hoot about? Why we recommend the Purdue Owl

You might have heard of the Purdue OWL, or Online Writing Lab, from your tutor, your professor, and your especially studious friends.  So what’s with all the fuss about this website?

Simply put, The Purdue OWL is one of the best and most comprehensive guides to writing English papers ever made, online or otherwise.  You need help with the ever-changing MLA format? The Owl’s got that. Confused by comma rules? Yeah, they got that covered.

Speaking in a more serious manner, The Purdue OWL talks about complicated issues like MLA citation in a clear and readable way. They have great diagrams and interactive memory tools that are especially made for college students’ use.  We might have other blog entries covering more specific tools in the OWL, but until then, explore The Purdue OWL on your own. Be warned, though, like TV Tropes, the OWL can be addictive.  Don’t blame us if you spend way too much time reading about commas… Enjoy!

Happy Writing,

This was originally posted on November 3, 2011.